Do you want to buy a driving simulator? Here's Why Not to Do It

If you are thinking of buy Simulatorswell don't do it...

Unless they are high-end professional driving simulators, elite products with the highest level of services that solo ESTech can provide in Italy and abroad!

You may be wondering why, now I'll reveal it to you...

Many customers of ESTech e Fbrand they came to me after having lived bad experiences (to be honest, some were very bad!).

When you invest in Driving Simulators for your own or business use, for events or team building, several mistakes are made:

  • we simply look at the price, often thinking of saving and getting a deal, then finding themselves with a simulator that is not very functional, not very realistic, not easy to use, or, even worse, with a video game, nothing to do with Professional Simulators;
  • you buy standardized simulators, which they do not provide for any customization at the hardware, software, set-up and parameterization levels of the virtual car or motorbike (only with ESTech you can customize all of this);
  • we rely on the first supplier that comes along, even at a low cost, without evaluating customer service, reliability, the possibility of receiving assistance, all things that ESTech can give, as its customers testify;
  • in cases where you want to do it yourself, you lose tens of hours and thousands of Euros just in the research and assembly of hundreds of hardware components, software, etc... Is it worth it?

Here because I advise you not to buy Professional Driving Simulators without them a guide, a staff that follows you in every aspect and a solid company that can give you the adequate guarantees, also in financial terms and customer service!

The only one who can give you guarantees in this sense is ESTech!

With ESTech Simulators you will have the certainty that your investment will bring you exactly the Simulator you want, as you want it, without unpleasant surprises, but rather with many guarantees and exclusive services that they will make your shopping experience unique and memorable!

Why you should buy at all ESTech and not by others?

You've already had some answers... Let's look at some others:

  • ESTech helps you choose the optimal customized solution based on your needs and budget, without you having to waste time in the analysis of dozens of components, brands, suppliers; you will be followed by a team of expert designers and engineers ready to guarantee maximum performance quality of the simulator both in terms of physical components (steering wheel, seat, pedals, etc.) and of the hardware and software system;
  • ESTech can provide you with the certification for public use of the Simulators, without which you risk financial penalties and more, in the case of public events;
  • ESTech can provide you assistance, even remotely, after purchasing the Simulator and has experience at every level: sale, rental, personal use, corporate events. Expertise both in Event Marketing, Logistics, but also in Design and Engineering for the construction of Simulators. Are you confident you can find similar experience and expertise elsewhere?
  • ESTech offers you financial investment solutions suitable for every need, from payment in installments, to operational rental, even with redemption, up to leasing, services that require a certain structure, organization and financial solidity to be managed. What do others suggest to you?
  • ESTech is a brand of FGroup, a company with 100 thousand Euros of paid-in capital, have you checked the other suppliers? For high-cost, high-value, high-tech products, would you rely on Srls with 1 Euro of paid-up capital or other similar companies that spring up on the market like mushrooms?

In conclusion, with ESTech you will just have to think about driving and having fun; the Simulator will be delivered to you ready to use, easy to activate (with one click) and to use (training included) with support and the possibility of evolve and update the Simulator whenever you want, to move on to increasingly superior movement and realism technologies.
Now I hope that what you have read has helped you to clarify your ideas about your future investments in Professional Driving Simulators.

I'm sure you can make better choices about this...

Would you like to talk about it? Would you like guidance and a quote for a high-end Professional Driving Simulator tailored for you or your company?

Visit Website o contact us here for a personalized request.

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